Q: What Causes Hair loss?

There is much debate on this topic. While the link between certain forms of hair loss and the immune system is well-accepted, there is also evidence for a connection between the immune system and pattern loss (Androgenetic Alopecia). In line with this, it appears that male hormones, especially DHT, trigger an autoimmune response in pattern loss, initiating an attack on the hair follicle that can be observed microscopically. This results in destructive inflammation that gradually destroys the follicle’s ability to produce terminal hair. The reason for this could be that androgens somehow alter the follicle causing it to be labeled as a foreign body.


Q: So stress is a factor?

Sometimes stress can play a role in diffuse loss. Stress-induced loss ordinarily regrows within a year of eliminating the cause. In the absence of any prolonged emotional or physical trauma that has noticeably affected your overall health, stress is not likely the cause. Crash dieting, medical conditions, certain medications, pregnancy and other major life changes can initiate stress-shedding. In some cases extreme emotional tension for prolonged periods of time may have an effect as well.


Q: How did Reloxe come about?

The three Reloxe founders experienced significant hair loss due to several factors: heredity, job stress and poor nutrition. For over a year they tried many different products but none were successful. Eventually a product was found online that actually worked! What they stumbled across was the worldwide leading brand sold in over 30 countries. All three of the Reloxe founders and hundreds of thousands others were extremely happy with this product that actually did what it said it would do… it grew hair. As a matter of fact the only drawback to the product was that if one stopped taking the product for one week or more, they would experience the previous negative effects of hair loss. Problem solved, solution found.


Q: Why are most hair regrowth supplements so expensive?

We don’t know. Synthetic ingredients are normally less expensive than earth derived ingredients. We use only 100% natural premium ingredients in Reloxe and we have managed to keep our price comparatively low.


Q: Is Reloxe really that much different from it’s competitors?

Reloxe has all of the ingredients from the market leading brand and takes it a step forward; adding several missing key ingredients that we found are historically proven to help hair develop to its highest state of health.

Reloxe is a capsule that is taken orally, unlike many other hair loss products which are shampoos.

Reloxe hired pharmaceutical representatives and worked diligently with them to maximize the new product to best suit human digestion and efficient breakdown while keeping everything 100% natural. The team also optimized each key ingredient to assure swift noticeable gains previously unknown to the hair improvement marketplace.


Q: Where can I get Reloxe?

Reloxe can only be found online through our website. It is a very exclusive product that is not being offered over the counter anywhere.